The competition is open to secondary school students (see details in national sites). Registration is only done via the teachers.

National phase

The first step is to be registered as participants in the national phase of the European Statistics Competiton (ESC). Registrations start on 20 October 2018 in most countries (see national sites for details)

Please follow the corresponding link in order to check the national rules and register accordingly:

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European phase

The European phase of the European Statistics Competition (ESC) is open to those teams having finished among the winners or being the finalists in the national phase of the ESC and have been proposed to participate in the European phase by their countries.

Each country (National Statistical Offices) will propose a number of teams per category, as it is defined in the national rules of the national phase of the ESC. As a reference, category A comprises students in the last two courses in secondary education (approx. 16-18 years old) and category B includes all other students in secondary education (approx. 14-16 years old).

Privacy statement

The purpose of the processing of personal data collected in the context of the European phase is to organize the participation in the final part of this competition. Only the name of the teams and the e-mail provided in the national phase are being processed in this phase to ensure direct contact with the teams.

Participants belonging to the winning teams should provide, in due time, their names in order to prepare the publication of the winners in this website.

All personal data will be stored for a maximum period of two years. Data will not be transferred to third parties nor be used for other purposes.

Controller of this personal data is the manager of the Statistics Competition in INE, Spain. In order to exercise your vested rights (to access, rectify, cancel, oppose your data and any other rights contained in applicable data protection laws) you can contact