Assignments for the national phase of ESC

Please refer to your national site of ESC to get all the information about assignments in the national phase of this competition:

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Assignments for the European phase of ESC

Participating teams have to make a video in which they think over the topic "Europe reflected in statistics".

The audio of the videos will be preferably in English. If the audio of the video is not in English, then the video must have English subtitles.

Videos will have a maximum length of 2:00 minutes.

Along with the videos, participants will have to prepare a pdf document explaining the creation process of the video, including the users they would like to reach, the techniques used (and the reasons to use them), decision making process, the sources of statistical data (in case of using them), etc. This document will have a maximum of 2000 words and a maximum extension of 4 pages.

Videos must not infringe any third party copyright or trademark, or violate the rights of any person or entity. Teams need to be sure only use content in their video that they are authorized to use, including, without limitation, music, images, film clips and other intellectual property.

Participants will prepare a compressed file (zip or 7z) that will include their video and the pdf document, both named like their team name. Participants will upload their compressed file to the European phase platform:

In order to log in, teams will use their team name and password they used in the national phase, or those provided by the organization.

There is no limitation in the format of the video.

In case of minors appearing in the video, participants must send authorizations signed by parents / legal guardians of those minors. Please refer to the ESC contact of your country for more information.

Topic of the video: "Europe reflected in statistics"

Europe is a big picture, consisting of many facets or details: small villages and big cities forming part of the same continent; city workers involved mainly in the service sector, with their rural counterparts predominantly occupied in agriculture; economies based on tourism, with others based on industry; countries with notable levels of migration, etc.

How does your country fit into this picture? In which areas does it stand out from, or conform to, the European average? Does it have any interesting characteristics?

Referencing appropriate statistics, demonstrate in a video (duration 2:00 minutes) how your country compares with its European counterparts by either considering the average position, or contrasting with one other country; is there is anything that makes your country special in Europe? Regional comparisons are welcome, but not required.

Evaluation criteria

When evaluating the selected videos, the jury of the European phase of the ESC will take into account

Jury members